The Differences Between Darkwear and Techwear

The Differences Between Darkwear and Techwear

Are you an individualist that uses fashion as a form of self-expression? Then you may be a part of a fashion trend that has sparked movements we know as subcultures. Techwear and Darkwear are a big part of these subculture trends.

Fashion subcultures, like techwear, have increased in popularity over the past few years. These styles tend to lean toward performance-based materials and construction techniques.

Techwear pieces stand up to the rigors of athletic activity. At the same time, they offer an elevated level of comfort and style.

Both techwear and darkwear share many similarities. But, keep in mind that there are differences between the two that set them apart.

So, what is the difference? Read on to learn the contrasts between these two emerging subcultures and the fashion that defines them.

What Is Darkwear?

Darkwear fashion by Clotechnow Brand

Darkwear is an emerging fashion subculture that mixes elements of streetwear and athleisure. Darkwear has a “dark” aesthetic to create a sleek, high-end style. This clothing tends to be more refined and professional in its appearance.

Designers of darkwear fashion use higher-end fabrics and a darker color palette. These choices make up the visual staples of the trend. Darkwear reaches beyond the trendiness of its predecessors.

It incorporates luxurious fabrics, clean and minimalistic silhouettes, and a neutral color palette. Darkwear is free of loud and distracting patterns that have been prevalent in athleisure and streetwear. 

What Is Techwear? 

Techwear outfit by clotechnow

Since gaining popularity, techwear apparel has become recognized as a distinct fashion trend. The look combines elements of athleisure wear, urban streetwear, and cyberpunk fashion. Techwear is in high demand due to its unwavering focus on function and wearability. 

Techwear is a subculture that embraces the fusion of fashion with functional design. It owes its existence to the synthetic fabrics used. They make these pieces lightweight, breathable, and moisture-wicking.

These fabrics allow designers to create garments that are both stylish and functional. A great benefit of wearing techwear apparel is how it simplifies your life. You can pack more for a weekend getaway or stay dry in the rain. 

Techwear garments use bolder and more experimental design silhouettes. Details like functional pockets, bold reflective elements, and complex multi-layer construction make techwear stand out from other fashion trends. This is not only because of its functional properties but also its bold aesthetic. 

The core aesthetic of techwear is cyberpunk. Cyberpunk is an aesthetic inspired by what was termed as “high technology and low life," as described by William Gibson. He coined this term in the preface to his 1984 novel, “Neuromancer,” where he first used it. 

How Are Darkwear and Techwear Similar?

Aside from both fashions being subcultures inspired by functional fabrics, darkwear and techwear also share many visual similarities. This is thanks to the neutral colors and sleek, modern silhouettes. Neutral colors and minimal branding are something the two have in common.

Their commonality on this point is due to both subcultures aiming for a more mature audience. They want to avoid attention-grabbing designs and loud patterns. 

Darkwear and techwear favor lightweight, stretchable, moisture-wicking, and durable fabrics. These garments are more breathable and less constricting than clothing made with traditional fabrics. The benefits of these fashions allow wearers to stay comfortable even during strenuous activities. 

How Are Darkwear and Techwear Different?

While both subcultures share some similarities, there are differences between darkwear and techwear. Darkwear is often characterized by neutral tones and sleek designs, while techwear possesses bold colorways and experimental design silhouettes.

While both subcultures have their roots in athletic performance wear, darkwear garments are more professional and elevated in appearance. This makes them a good option for workwear or more formal occasions.

Techwear designs are more casual and athleisure-inspired. So, this makes techwear ideal for outdoor activities and everyday wear. 

Warcore and Cyberpunk in Today's Fashion Trends

Cyberpunk VS Warcore fashion

A fashion trend known as "warcore" draws from military attire. It often includes accessories like combat boots, belts, and backpacks. Warcore is the emergence of military tactical apparel.

Warcore maintains the principles of techwear but includes technological materials within functional clothes. This style pushes the boundaries of military design to make clothing more utilitarian.

Warcore clothing is either solid in color or camouflage. Many wearers of warcore consider it more practical than other trends in subculture fashion.

As with other subculture fashion, Warcore is a progression of techwear. But, you will find that the military element in techwear includes chest rigs, tactical gloves, and bulletproof vests.

Warcore is not an exception to the monochromatic tone, as this vibe is quite common within the culture of techwear. Warcore does allow for desaturated tones in khaki or other camouflage. But, you will soon discover that black is the dominant color in this futuristic design.

Cyberpunk is more than a trend in clothing; it represents an attitude and a way of life. Cyberpunk has even been referred to it as a political philosophy by many. Here is a quick explanation of the principles and traits of cyberpunk fashion.

Cyberpunk is a dark, post-apocalyptic aesthetic, incorporating anti-authoritarian themes, futuristic DIY, and hacking. The cyberpunk aesthetic does not adhere to any particular standards. This is because it is a product of a rebellious society, leaving lots of freedom for individual expression.

While subgenres like cybergoth, steampunk, and post-apocalyptic fashion exist, cyberpunk fashion focuses on having a punk mindset. It also means you dress like it. In a world where the virtual is as tangible as the real, it is about exceeding the limits of what is acceptable and creating your reality.

Future-Proof Fashion

The fashion subcultures that we identify as “tech” or “future-proof” wear have been increasing in popularity over the past few years. It can be a challenge to pin down one reason for this increase. But it could be since the current generation is more open to technology.

These wearers of future-proof fashion are also some of the most informed when considering the latest trends in technology. They are often the first to try new products and services. You can recognize this trend in their adoption of ever-changing technology.

Those embracing this subculture may wear smart speakers, smartphones, and VR headsets. Their passion for technology-infused apparel comes with the rising popularity of techwear.

Carrying Capacity of Techwear

Techwear products have a design that sticks to a deliberate focus on the storage they offer. Today, we carry more gadgets and their necessary chargers with us. So, whether it is a complex design like detachable modular attachments or something basic like zipped pockets, you can carry more with less worry.

This is due to the waterproof textiles partnered with the carrying capacity developed for these fashions. The features in techwear can be beneficial, like laptop sleeves and interior pockets. These can make bags and backpacks even easier for you to use.

The Aesthetics of Techwear

Techwear is a challenging industry to enter head-on. But there is a lot of potential for experimentation due to an adaptable design. Purchasing a shell or a pair of slacks can complement an existing wardrobe.

You can add these elements to your outfit with ease. Want to know how to dress like you are techwear savvy? There are a few components that can help you incorporate the techwear look.

The majority of people identify the techwear mood with darker, more subdued shades. But, there are specific items and brands with color and design. The majority of the pieces have a streamlined, sleek style that is both useful and fashionable.

They tend to lack significant branding because the majority of the textiles are very technical. Taped seams and a variety of buckles and straps will assist the shape of the clothing in different ways. Most men you'll meet wearing full tech attire will have a mysterious, brooding appearance.

This is because of faux masks and hoods that are on many of the items of clothing. But, you can always add a technical piece of apparel to a darker, gothic-streetwear ensemble.

You can even layer a shell over a more straightforward menswear fit. The adaptability and straightforward color scheme are why techwear is rising in popularity. 

Fashion Tips for Techwear

If you’re interested in incorporating techwear into your wardrobe, there are a few things to keep in mind. It’s important to know the difference between “techwear” and “EDM” or “rave wear." While there are similarities between the two, they are not the same thing.

You will want to make sure that your techwear pieces are high-quality. Low-quality items aren’t worth the money no matter what they cost. If you don't do your research, they may fall apart sooner rather than later.

Finally, techwear isn’t limited to jackets and pants. You can incorporate pieces into your everyday outfits in small ways. An example would be wearing a wireless charging bracelet or a pair of headphones. 

We Specialize in the Techwear Fashion Industry 

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